A.J. & Beth Stern

Foster Mom Click to watch Beth Stern telling A.J. about being a Foster Mom.
The Power of Yoda Click to watch Beth Stern telling A.J. about the Power of Yoda.
Beth Stern on Animal Rescue Click to watch Beth Stern talking to A.J. about animal rescue.
Meow Parlour Click to watch Meow Parlour co-founder Emilie talking to A.J. about her cat café.

I spent a spectacular day with the incredible Beth Stern at one of New York City’s coolest hangouts, Meow Parlour on the Lower East Side. Beth is a rare individual. Those with generosity of spirit this great are members of a very, very small club. The old cliché, “she lights up a room when she walks in” doesn’t begin to do her justice. And with her ceaseless dedication to helping furry friends, Beth is most certainly Living the GOOD Life.

Beth works tirelessly for animal rescue and adoption on behalf of North Shore Animal League America.  Please be sure to check out their website.  And you’ll definitely want to follow Beth on Twitter @BethStern and see her daily parade of cuteness on Instagram

Our special thanks to Meow Parlour, a truly unique and wonderful oasis in New York City where you can spend time enjoying the company of adoptable, free-roaming cats, perhaps while enjoying a tasty treat from their nearby Meow Parlour Patisserie. Please visit them at meowparlour.com and follow them on Twitter @MeowParlour

More Info

North Shore Animal League America is a pioneer in the no-kill movement, implementing a no-kill policy to ensure that the animals we rescue receive the care and support they need. They are the largest animal rescue and adoption organization in the world.

At Meow Parlour they have adoptable free roaming cats. You can come for as little as half an hour so you can just pet the cats or stay for up to five hours and use their free wi-fi while a cat naps next to you. All the cats are adoptable. Meow Parlour has teamed up with KittyKind, an all volunteer, no kill rescue group located in NYC.

A.J. discovered Meow Parlour because Beth had heard about it and was excited to see what it was all about. They both loved the space and the kind people, cats and kittens that warmly welcomed them. It’s a little bit of kitty zen.

The Sterns have fostered and found incredible homes for over 130 cats and kittens. Beth’s husband Howard names all the foster cats. Even after adoption, Beth remembers the names of all the cats and kittens they have fostered.